Top 10 of the what to do in court

What to Do in Court: My TOP 10


Here is my Top 10 of what to do in court when you want to protest your report of infringement:

  • 10- To know your rights

  • 9- To make sure that you are not guilty

  • 8- To have a witness with the same version as you

  • 7- To arrive in advance in court

  • 6- To assist to the causes preceding yours

  • 5- To be attentive on how the judge reacts to people remarks (in case preceding yours)

  • 4- To be attentive on how the judge reacts when you tell your version

  • 3- To know your dates, places, and your version by heart

  • 2- Not to contradict yourself in your testimony.

  • 1 - To read all the sections of this site…

It is quite simple…. All you need is a little preparation and rigour !

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