Story of ticket

My ticket history


Here's my story… How it happened.
My initial thinking when I wondered whether I was going to protest or not my ticket…
It really makes your head spin fast It is nothing like getting a parking ticket! Demerit points can be lost...
and I do not want to lose my driving license!

I am I was immobilized behind two cars waiting to turn left, but could not due to the traffic in the opposite direction. The light was still green at this time. I carefully put my flicker to get to the right lane. I waited until the lane was clear. I did not cut any cars. I got to the centre lane following the last car (a black car) At this time the light was green, but I still looked both ways; I wanted to make sure cars coming across were properly stopped. When I got the stop line, the light turned yellow. Since my truck already had a certain speed (about 20 -25 km/h), I decided it would be safer not to break in the middle of the intersection...


It is certain that at the time that

  • I was not yet engaged in the intersection,the light was green.
    That it is certain. I saw the light, and so did my wife.

  • I engaged myself in the intersection, the light turned yellow.
    That it is certain. I saw the light, and so did my wife.

  • I was in the middle of the intersection and the light was still yellow.
    That it is certain. I saw the light, and so did my wife.

It is extremely probable that when I left the intersection the light turned green. That, I cannot confirm, since I had already passed…

However, no other vehicle was engaged nor did not start to engage in the intersection and no conductor hooted. Everybody knows that Quebeckers always hoot when somebody steal their turn!

The cop was not even nice. He did not smile… in fact, he did smile… while laughing at me… He did not want to listen to my explanation.

Moreover, police officer mentioned on the infraction report that I drove at 50 km/h.

What is also a certainty:

  • I never reached 50 km/h in this intersection. My truck cannot have reach while passing two vehicles that were immobilized to start with!

I would like to know how the police officer could figure out this speed with the mentioned elements.

Moreover, if he could as much be mistaken on the evaluation the speed of the vehicle, may it be that he was also mistaken in his evaluation in my passage in the intersection?

Could he confuse the lights?

May it be that the latencies between lights are small?

As a 35 year old driver, with an irreproachable driving record since the age of 16 (really no infraction to the Highway Code), could I knowingly infringe the code?

I had my 10 month old son aboard, as well as my wife. I could have taken a risk to burn a red light?

Not, I did not pass on a red light. The light turned yellow while I was already engaging in the intersection.

Yes I want to protest… but how? Do I need a lawyer or not?

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