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SOS Ticket offers their services as a group of lawyers and legal representatives. They are specialized in causes about automobile drivers. They charge more than 115$ + taxes for a simple infringement…). They serve mainly Montreal but offer their services everywhere in Quebec.

As for all the explanations I stated in these pages, if you have an infringement report for a simple stop or a simple light, and that it is not the end of the world if you lose your cause and some demerit points on your driver's license, and that the amount is not too expensive, you certainly do not need the services of S.O.S Ticket.

I do not doubt at all that their services could be useful if you are in trouble. But if the reason of your infringement is only a stop …

You can ask yourself the same questions that we worked out in the section “Do I Need a Lawyer to Protest my Infringement? ”…

In some cases, according to the reproached infringement, with S.O.S Ticket, you will not even need to go you in court! Useful if you cannot miss one day of work. However, you must know that it is also possible to have a hearing in front of the judge in the evening.

S.O.S Ticket Web site:

If you cannot afford to lose a few demerit points on your license, or if you are about to lose your driving license… their services could be very useful to you. Or specialized services of any other lawyer!

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