Lawyer to protest : useful or not ?

Lawyer to protest : useful or not?

  • We wonder...

  • How much does a lawyer charge?

  • Expensive!

  • Actually, more expensive than the fine!

  • The decision thus depends on other things.

  • Here are some considerations...

  • It's all up to you!


Thus…. the ultimate question haunts you…. Do I need a lawyer to protest my infringement?

If the infringement report relates to a serious act, criminal, consult a lawyer!

If the fine is for a simple infringement, a stop or a burnt red light only, you might not need a lawyer.

If the reproached act consists of a dangerous driving or drunk driving, you are in trouble…. consult a lawyer!

If you are likely to lose your driving license, because you cumulate infringements… consult a lawyer!

If there are other cars of implied, or worse, wounded persons, consult a lawyer!

If it is about a small infringement and that the fine is less than 100$, it is obvious that a lawyer will cost you more than the fine itself! Then do not hire a lawyer to avoid paying a small fine. Call a lawyer to avoid losing your demerit points or to avoid having a criminal file… Because a criminal file can harm or prevent the practice of some professions…

However, in certain cases, it is possible to consult a lawyer for free. Indeed, the McGill University broadcast on its Web site a list of organizations offering certain free services or with very few expenses.

Web sites:

But it is not necessarily what you need… Perhaps you need a specialized lawyer according to your infringement. A 30 minutes consultation is not expensive and can help you.

For my part, with my home insurance, I was entitled to a free consultation with a lawyer. H could assure me that, in my case, I was likely to win while preotesting without lawyer.

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