My defense in court

My simple defense in court

  • Here is what I said in court

  • Only what I said

  • Short, brief, precise.

  • Not even two minutes!

  • Without a lawyer!


You read the section “My Ticket Story”… Read what follows very carefully… You will see that I have shortened the story a little…

For example, in my case, I had noticed that the two police officers were eating… We could question ourselves knowing if human can eat, drive and watch traffic lights all at once! Of course they are used to do so, it is theirwork, but they too are human!

No need to tell useless details to the judge…. Get to the facts !

Here is the content of my testimony in front of the judge of the municipal court of Montreal, my simple defense in court:

I left my south shore home with my baby and my wife around 9 am. We were off to see my parents-in-law. They were expecting us for lunch around 11 am. It was 9:30 am when I passed this intersection.

I was immobilized behind two cars waiting to turn left, but could not because of the traffic in the opposite direction. The light was still green at this time. I carefully put my flicker to get to the right lane. I waited until the lane was clear. I did not cut any cars. I got to the center lane following the last car (a black car) At this time the light was green, but I still looked both ways;

I wanted to make sure cars coming across were properly stopped…. It is then, when my car was engage into the intersection that the light turned yellow. I took the foot off of the accelerator, but it was too late to break even if I was driving only 20-25 km/h. A little further, a police car pulled me over. My wife and I did not understand why we got pulled over because the light was green when I engaged into the intersection.

That’s it.

No witness had to appear…

The judge believed my version (since it is the truth) and since the police officer was not present, my word was worth as much as its writings.

No lawyer! No lawyer fees! Acquittal! Next !

Tell us your ticket story...we will publish it to receive response from other readers:

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