How to win in court

How to win in court? Yes it is possible

  • Why me?

  • Why not you?

  • Easy to win in court?

  • Yes it is possible to win without a lawyer!

  • Up to you to believe it!


Here are the reasons for which I believe that I won in court…

In order of importance:

I was not guilty.

I looked sincere air in front of the judge. He believed my version.

The police officer was not present.

I knew my story.

I was prepared.

I told my version in a clear, brief, direct way, and looked at the judge.

When the Attorney General's prosecutor asked me two questions, I answered immediately, slowly.

I did not contradict myself in my testimony…

I arrived in advance and could attend the preceding causes and see how the judge reacted to the remarks of the others defendants.

I remained natural, myself, I did not play a game…

That’s all.

Your situation is certainly different from mine…

It’s up to you to use my experience to find out how to win in court and apply it to your situation….

Good luck !

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