How to obtain a copy of the REAL police report

The REAL police report ?

  • You probably don't know it, but the report of the police officer on the infringement report contains very few information.

  • By having just the infringement report as source of information you are disadvantaged.


Indeed, in his car the officer will write the real report.

And this report, which is not on the infringement report, contains more information. As the defendant, you have right to obtain a copy of this report. It is a basic right in Canada.

But with this intention, you need to ask “the communication of the proof”. This legal term means any documentation Attorney General's prosecutor will have in his/her possession the day when you will appear in court, including of course, the police report. Obviously, this last postulate is true the day when they receive your request. This is why it is necessary to wait two or three weeks before making the request. Don't worry! You have several months in front of you! The waiting list is long in Montreal court house. (elsewhere, I do not know).

When you receive the whole of the proof, you will even be entitled to evaluate if you can win or not your cause in front of the judge.

You will know where the police car was positioned before it pulled you over.

In my case, I knew that the police car was at 90 degrees with me. It was thus in a position where it was, in my opinion, difficult to evaluate the colour of the light. And difficult for the police officer to look at both me and at the light all at once.

Here thus how to proceed to request “the communication of the proof” in Montreal Court House. You must make a written request to the registry by fax to 514-872-5523 or mail to the following address:

City of Montreal
775, rue Gosford
2nd Floor
Montréal, Québec
H2Y 3B9

On the request, you simply ask for the communication of the proof by indicating the incident # which you'll find on your infringement report. Do not forget to identify yourself and mention your address…. ;-)

You will receive the documents by the mail.

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