Bring pictures in court ?

Pictures in court: Useful or Not

Do I need photographical evidence?

  • We wonder...

  • May I bring my digital camera in court?

  • Here are some considerations...

  • It’s all up to up!


According to your own situation, if you infringement is particular due to geographical location, it could be judicious to take pictures… and to bring them in court.

Take your camera and and shoot several pictures that will enable you to visually show to the judge your arguments.

For example, if a tree blocks the sight at a stop sign...

And yes, you can bring your digital camera in court. I saw somebody doing it. But it is the security guard that will hand the camera to the judge. The defendant does not have the right to approach the judge.

However, do not take picture in court. It is forbidden!

Sometimes a hand drawn sketch can also be useful to give an overall picture. But remember that if it is a stop sign or a traffic light and you did not do the reproached infringement… you will certainly be able to convince the judge orally, without drawing!

But an image is worth a thousand words! That thus depends on your own situation.

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